Elias Waksman Ltd. is Israel's leading importer and distributor of confectionery, with over 30 years experience in the field.  The company is also known by its trade name – "Waksman Sweets – Sweets that kids love", accompanied by the cheerful image of Mr. Elias Waksman.


Customer service

At Elias Waksman Ltd. we see customer service as a central component in our commitment to our customer.  Customer satisfaction is important to us all the way along the supply chain, and so we make every effort to maintain and improve our customers' satisfaction with the company.

Product quality

At Elias Waksman Ltd. we attach great importance to the quality of our products. Therefore, the products that we import and distribute are of high quality level reflected in the product's look, taste and texture.

Distribution network

Elias Waksman Ltd. has a broad distribution network enabling rapid and direct distribution to all the company's customers.  Our customers include wholesalers, retailers, convenience stores and others.

Sales network

Elias Waksman Ltd. has a skilled sales team with many years of experience, equipped with advanced computer systems to help dealing with the everyday challenges it faces


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